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Below mentioned are the most important eBaysellingTips to be taken care of. These are the eBay selling tips and tricks to sell your products well on eBay and if your do the below mentioned things in a very regular and effective manner you will see good results (Results will take time to appear). eBaysellingTips will help you to increase your sales. Your eBay listing will come into searches by using the below eBaysellingtips.

  1. Listing Tips – The first strategy is to how to get your items listed on eBay so that it comes in searches for BEST MATCH. Following are the points which make your listing stand out:
  2. Title: It should contain at least 2-3 Keywords

For eg: 16” Black Brocade Cushion Cover Throw Pillow Case Indian Silk Ethnic Home Décor



I  – Make titles with keywords associated. You can find more keywords from Google adwords. Make a list of keywords and use them whenever you post any content anywhere.

  1. Description : Include 4-5 lines with 5-6 keyword in your listing page relevant to your product

For eg: This Designer piece of Indian Art décor is truly a master piece. Very Elegant piece to make your living room stands out. Bring home Designer Brocade Cushion, beauty of Indian Home Décor.

  1. Images– eBay allows you to use 12 images FREE OF COST. Try to add and use all of them. Click high quality pictures of your product and that too with white background. Take close ups, back portion, front, side, rear and other angles.

This is what customer is purchasing, As they do not have tangible goods where they can touch and feel. Thus, Images are the only way to depict the beauty of your products.

  1. Pricing Tips– Keep the prices very competitive in terms of your competitors, Market Trend, Festivals, Selling terms.
  1. Shipping and Tracking Tips– Try to provide FREE SHIPPING to customer, this is most easiest way to attract eBay buyers and to gain good DSR. Always add tracking on eBay to keep your DSR standout. Try to get your items shipped in 24-48 hours after receiving payment. Ask customer to leave feedback and ratings for you.

You can add this to settings as well where an automatic mail will be sent to buyer for FEEDBACK.

  1. About me Page– This is the most important page in terms of placing keywords, links and information about your products and services.

Add images of your manufacturing, video if any,

eBaysellingtips and tricks

This is the page which Google crawls very fast and optimizes it. Populate it with lots of keywords and links BUT DO NOT MAKE KEYWORD SPAMMING OR PUT LINKS THAT DIRECTS CUSTOMER OUTSIDE eBay

  1. SEO Tips- eBay allows you to do SEO of your store but that should be completely WHITE HAT (Ethical) + in limited manner. Do not rush for anything. You can post your Custom pages link to bookmarking sites, link building, cross promotion and other.
  1. SMO Tips – eBay allows you to do SMO of your store like
  • Facebook– Join eBay global, eBay.com and other related groups, post link of your product there to promote them. I suggest you to post daily 5 product link with a gap of 3-4 hrs.

Create your Facebook page as well and post concept photos there, like and comment on other, measure traffic of yours. You can also connect eBay to your Facebook account, In this case, All of your listing will appear on your Facebook and from there customer will be directed to your eBay listings.

  • Twitter– After, Facebook, Twitter is the best source to promote your products. Again tweet 4-5 times a day with gap of 2-3 hrs. Do not just write straight about your product and all but try to make some story, some concept about your product so that people can retweet it ( for back link) and can get redirected to your store.
  1. Squidoo Lens – It is one of another best source of getting traffic to your store but again lens should not be made very promotional ( Squidoo does not allow) but it should be rather informative and interesting for readers.
  1. Writing Guides, Blogs– eBay allows you to write guide where you can promote your store and listings as well. You can write about eBay, its works and functions, about products, services, festivals or on any interesting topic. At below your listing , Feedback and eBay-Id will appear, from their customer can hop up to your listings. You can also promote your Guides via SEO and SMO.

Write articles as per and populate them with many keywords. Post 1 article at only one site. Do not spam post.

  1. Forums, Discussions and Boards– Participate in eBay forums, discussions and boards. The more you participate the more will be people aware of your services/products and the more they will approach you.

Not only on eBay but also participate in other forums and discussions,

  1. DSR- DSR is Detailed Seller Ratings

In terms of eBay, DSR solely depends on 4 factors as:

  1. Item as described – Make sure to use all the correct specification of your product like color, size, Fabric and all.
  2. Communication- The most important factor which is very sensitive and is directly connected to all the remaining three. Always communicate politely whether it your fault or your customer. Place yourself in the shoes of your customer and answer every query of them very gently.
  3. Shipping time- Ship your items in maximum of 2-3 days and update your customers for further delays.
  4. Shipping and Handling charges- List your items on Free shipping as well.
  1. Competitor Tracking – Make a list of your competitors and watch every sale of them very acutely in terms of pricing, Listing titles, promotion used, Shipping, Listing time and duration. You can also check from
  1. Repetitive Customer- eBay is not just to complete the transaction of a single customer only once and then forget. It is a platform where you can get many of the wholesale and repetitive customers
  1. Auction Days, Time and Duration- Sunday, Monday are the best days to list your items and at 6-10:30 PDT time. The best time to make your Auction live is Sunday evening and that will end on the same time. The best Auction period is of 7 days.
  1. Html Page for Listing– Google crawl content fast rather than the images and html is just like best friend of Google. Design a simple html page for your store and add links to it and also add all of your listing policies to it. See our Services
  1. Traffic report – You can generate traffic report from eBay which let you know about- Keywords that buyer has have typed and land to your store, Referring domains, Search Engines, Best Time when you have maximum traffic on your store. ( You can generate for 3-4 months and pick out the best time and can list/ schedule your products accordingly).
  1. Make Videos – Videos are the best as per SEO point. Make ppts on white background and at the same time pdf as well to post on slideshare, Vimeo, YouTube, Authorstream and many other good sites.
  1. Apply Sale + Discount + Offers on your eBay Store
  1. List thousands of products , provide many choices to customer to pick from
  1. Use .com market and ship worldwide to sell more
  1. Provide FREE SHIPPING
  1. Add visiting card, thank you note with every order you ship and make your customer feel delighted while purchasing your products.

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