eBay – Do’s and Don’t


                                            Secrets of eBay selling

In this article, I will share you few important things on eBay as do’s and don’t :

  1. Never ask a buyer to complete the transaction outside eBay.
  2. Never share your e-mail or ask for customer e-mail id while conversation with customer

NOTE: Once an item is being sold out, all the information of the buyer will come to your mail. Then you save its address and data for future references and communications.

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  1. Never use Harsh or abusive words while communication with customer. No matter how they are speaking like.

NOTE: A customer gives ratings and a feedback which works as a backbone and blood to your eBay id:

Ratings are given on 4 bases:


   Base of Rating Meaning
 Item as described The sold item MUST be exactly same as it was shown in the listing page. The description, the condition all should be exactly match.
Communication Be polite while communicating with customers. Happy customers always return back.
Shipping time


Most important and sensitive factor: Shipping must on time. If you are looking to become top rated seller and wondering to get more discounts from eBay, ship your items within 48 hrs of payment recorded
Shipping and Handling Charges Use shipping mode that delivers the faster and charge less customs.


Three status of Feedback:

  1. Positive Feedback : When customer is very much satisfied with the product he has ordered and interested to come back again,
  2. Neutral Feedback : When customer is neutral , no comments to the product and the services he was offered to,
  3. Negative Feedback: When the customer is not satisfied with the ordered product, whatever is the case,
  4. The listing page should always be user friendly and eye catchy
  5. Do not over load your listing page with too much content
  6. Do not use dark background
  7. Do not use low quality images

NOTE: As per eBay new policy  : all the images to be uploaded over eBay should have minimum of 500 pixels and should be very clear.

  1. Photos should not have borders
  2. Do not use any marks, letter, any art work or signs on the images; It is against eBay new policy.
  3. Do not use capital letters in your title. Though it is allowed on eBay but it shows you are forcing the customer. Using capitalized title is not good habit.
  4. Do not uses wow Beautiful, words in the title, Though it is allowed but As per eBay it is not good selling practices.
  5. Do you make spamming of Keywords, it will not make your items come in searches

NOTE:  The Google and eBay does not allow the repetition of the keywords as it creates spamming and against eBay policy

  1. The title of all the products should be different

NOTE:  The title f the all the products whether 10, 100 or thousands all should be different otherwise it will appear as a duplicate listing

  1. Do not upload the same product at a same time. It will delete it as duplicate listings.

NOTE: eBay can also banned or degrade your account because of duplicate listings

As per eBay new policy: It will allow only one duplicate.


** There is a method by which we can download the file of ACTIVE listings in excel format and can remove the duplicates**


eBay mark duplicates in terms of : SKU (Stock Keeping unit) i.e. Product Code and the second in title of the listed product.

eBay policies

eBay Do’s :

  1. The Title should contain all the keywords describing your product

Note: This will bring your item more in searches

  1. Always add Payment and shipping mode to all of your listings
  2. Always inform your customer about the customs

NOTE: eBay provides a jpg format which says that customs are country specific and are not part of shipping charges. Kindly confirm the customs before making purchase.

  1. It is a good practice to provide FREE SHIPPING (Depending on what you are selling) on the products you are offering.

NOTE: Add the shipping charges to your product. eBay gives good discounts or the searches of the listings with FREE SHIPPING will be more and also generate more traffic to your store

  1. Add customize pages: About Us, Contact US, OUR Policy( Shipping , Payment and return Refund policy) to your store
  2. Add Ask A question page to all of your listings by adding questions and giving answers to them. It will reduce the interaction between seller and buyer and buyer will be able to understand the seller in more clear way.
  3. Always add Size and colour in the description of the product.
  4. Always add Tracking info once the item in being shipped. If not then inform your customer about it.
  5. eBay good practice says, drop an e-mail:

When an item is being sold out informing the customer about the shipping time, Thanks them for choosing your product, and about the tracking.

When you have shipped the ordered item, Request them in a very polite way to leave positive feedback with good ratings

  1. Always add all the item specification while listing an item
  2. Always provide combine shipping or discounts on multiple purchases.
  3. It is good to add multiple images of a product with different angle so that a customer can exactly get an idea about what he is about to purchase.
  4. If your items are of low valued then 0.99 auction is best way to sell your item
  5. In case your buyer is satisfied with the item purchased, then try to convince your buyer if he can be ready to keep the product if not then do not argue much and agree to make him refund otherwise he will open case for you and that will not be beneficial for eBay Store
  6. 7 Days listing duration is the best both for Fixed and Auction. Try to end your listings on weekend days. At that time eBay has maximum number of traffic.
  7. Use Turbo-lister or you can list the product direct from eBay. But Turbo-lister( A listing tool that eBay provides for free) is the best tool to list your item and also provides back to your listings.
  8. Try to schedule your items according to the market you are catering. It will keep your items above your competitor and will help in more searches.
  9. List your items in such a way that at every minute of the day your items are listing and ending.
  10. Use fast shipping services and ask your shipping service to deliver the goods on time and ask for signature while dispatching the goods.
  11. Always have a count of watches and views of the articles you have listed. It will give you idea about what are the products customer is interested in.
  12. Always leave positive feedback for your customer. It will give them confident to purchase from you more .                                             I will be back with many new things and hidden secrets of eBay and other online portals.