Hacking – A Cyber Crime


                                                     Cyber Crime

Hacking, cyber crime is commonly known as the breaking into computer systems. It is the process of attempting to gain unauthorized access to computer sources. Other definitions also refer to cyber-criminals or crackers who are doing it intentionally to harm some institutional web or any other data systems just to terrorize or to get some money in reward. It has been the part of computing for 40 years.

cyber crime
It began on early 1960s and emerged at MIT. Few of the most famous hackers in history are Ian Murphy, Mark Abene, Robert Morris, and Kevin Mantic. Hackers do hacking to steal important information, show off and for fun. Serious hacking is done to destroy enemy’s computer networks during the cold war. There are many types of hacking known as the website, network, email, online banking, ethical and online banking and each type has its own objectives for hackers. To keep the system protected from hacking we should keep the systems password protected with combination of digits and letters. Avoid opening spam mails and while doing the online transaction keep a note on the site that it should be http with the lock symbol. Hackers can attack any type of data or a company as it depends on their objectives.

Almost each well known website has faced hacking one way or the other. To avoid this they have invented new software which can defend them from hacking but with the rise in protection techniques the hacking techniques are also growing with every coming day.

According to the world statistics for cyber crimes hacking is 20% of the motivation behind attacks in 2015. Few famous hacking tools which are used by the hackers for hacking are known as Burp Suit, Meta sploit, angry IP Scanner, Kali Linux, Snort and Wapiti. It is an illegal activity but it is categorized in cyber crime and cyber war. And governments and the institutions are doing their best to reduce hacking and other cyber crimes by setting firewalls and protection software.

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