Healthy and Glowing Skin


                                              Simple steps for Glowing skin

All over the world, people always appreciate a healthy and glowing skin. The fact is certain that a glowing and healthy skin brings a tenacious and tender looks that captivates the eyes and mind. Some people still wonder and do not know how to go about it, here we shall highlight how we can achieve a healthy but glowing skin taking a look at the home remedies in perspective. In order for you to maintain a clean, healthy and glowing skin that can last a very long time over the years it will involve the administration of frequent and regular sun protection and gentle cleansing of the skin from time to time.

Healthy Skin

The most important and effective method if applied during skin protection from over exposure to solar radiation or  from the sun can help prevent wrinkles, ageing, spots and other forms of skin problems and prevent the eventual risk of skin cancer which is a major problem in the contemporary society. If you would need protection from the sun, you can use the sunscreen,  at least a 15 SPF board-spectrum sunscreen. The application and usage of a sunscreen for every two hours repeatedly or more often while swimming is very good. You can also seek shade, avoiding exposure to  the sun during the hours of 10.00am – 2.00pm, at this time the solar rays are usually high and as such, the requirement is to wear protective clothing, you can cover your skin with long sleeved shirts made of tightly woven clothing materials with a long pants with wide-brimmed hats in addition. You may also consider laundry additives, this will enhance the clothing by giving it an added layer of ultra-violet protection for a number of washings. There are also recommendable sun-protective clothing, these range of clothing are specifically designed to obstruct ultraviolet rays trying to penetrate your skin.

Glowing skin

Secondly, avoid smoking, this is because smoking causes your skin to appear older and it  will also lead to wrinkling of the skin. It might interest you to know that smoking causes narrowing of the tiny blood vessels at the outer part or layer of the skin, thereby reducing the flowing of the blood. This makes the skin to loose oxygen and other nutrients which are very important to the health of your skin. Not only that, smoking causes damage to elastin and collagen (i.e. the tissue that gives the skin elasticity and strength. The frequent facial expressions a smoker makes while smoking (i.e. when inhaling and squinting the eyes) can also cause wrinkles on the skin. It is better not to smoke. You can consult your doctor on how you can quit smoking.

Thirdly, careful and gentle treatment of the Skin using warm water instead of hot water and avoiding too much frequent long hours of bath will help in improving your skin to appear glowing and shining, too much of hot and frequent baths actually reduces the oil from the surface of the skin. Insist on using mild cleaners rather and not strong soap and detergent which can be very detrimental in removing oils from the surface of your skin. For men, shaving on almost a daily basis  should be avoided and when shaving, it should be done carefully by using lubricants such as shaving cream or gel before shaving and use a sharp and clean razor shaving gently in the hair follicle growing parts and not shaving against it. While cleaning your body leaving some moisture, try and moisturize using  moisturisers containing SPF.

Fourthly, monitor your eating habit, you must make sure you eat healthy food and doing nutritional dieting, eat more of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains. Take food reach in vitamin C and more of processed carbohydrates to maintain a young looking body and skin.

Lastly, be cautious of stress, stress management is one of the most important thing we ignore, we are so much occupied with our careers and sometimes we forget the after effects of stress, our good health should be our foremost priority, have time for relaxation, relax the skin because stress  can cause the skin to be sensitive and it stimulate acne and some other skin problems may arise. To  help maintain a healthy  glowing skin, it requires a healthy mindset, managing your stress entails setting limits  to your workloads and find time to rest very well.

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