7 Blogging Tips for Beginners


                                                                 Blogging Tips

Are you a starter and looking for blogging tips. You are at right station. We are here to help you in sharing the top 7 blogging tips. Blogging has become second choice of every freelancer. It is really necessary to know how you can create an effective blog. What can make your blog standout from the competitors? How can you make your Blog effective? What tools are required to make your blog impressive? We are here to answer all of your questions. See our Blogging Tips –

Blogging tips

  1. Domain and Hosting : Your domain is something that reflect your blog. It describes about your blog so it should be relevant. Host your blog on website which is reliable as this would be something your site would be based on.
  2. Write what you love : Content is the backbone of blogging. The more you write the more you keep your reader engaging and this an help you to make your blog more impressive. Do not overwrite single thing again and again. This can make your reader irritate. Update your blog daily as you are a beginner and nobody knows you and your blog in blogging world so keep your blog updated daily.
  3. Join Blog community: Blogging is quite good way of communication and spreading your words. IT is the best way to express your views so why not spread your word over more and more platforms. Join Blog communities, discussion boards and forum it will redirect many customers to your blog.

blogging tips

  1. Use professional Blog Theme: Your blog will be judged at first sight so make sure you choose a good theme and that theme should be more of related to your blog. If it Travel based blog, then your blog theme should be more of photography based and so on.
  2. Speed up your Blog Website: User don’t like website which takes time to load its content or photo. Make sure you website should load in seconds when user lands on it. You can always test your blog website speed on google speed test and see how it is performing.
  3. Optimize your blog on social Sites : This is the one which is the most important and can help you to reach audience. Try good and relevant keywords. Post your blog on social sites : Facebook, Instagram, youtube and many more. These social sites will help to drive traffic to your blog.
  4. Consistency: Be consistent in posting content. As a starter, I would recommend to post daily atleast 5 articles and then over a period of time this can be slower down. It is most important to write articles which are passed through copyscape. Write unique articles and the content should not b out dated.

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