Beginner Guide to start Blogging 2016


                                                        Blog Beginner Guide :

Blog beginner guide is specially designed for those who are interested in writing and creating their own blog. This blog beginner guide will help user to design their own blog, to bring traffic to their blog and much more. Isnt it interesting?

  1. Choose domain: Domain name is something that tells you about your blog, your interest. It basically gives idea of Blogger bio. The domain name should easy to read and understand. There are many websites on which you can check the availability of your desired domain name such as where you can type and search. If available you can purchase it directly from there.
  1. Free site to start Blog : This option is good for those who don’t hve much idea about blogging and it just a started and don’t want to invest more money in starting. There are various websites on which you can start blogging like :,, These websites are very easy to use and you can install various plugins as per your requirement.

Blog beginner

  1. Logo : Your logo is your identity. So be specific while designing your blog website logo. Keep you logo short and meaningful so it looks attractive.
  2. Make content strategy : Create strategy for your content. Content should be very precise and well-focussed regarding your title. It should be decided earlier that how often you will be posting your content. Will it be a daily/weekly or monthly? I would suggest going for daily in starting to bring traffic. Once you have enough traffic you can switch to weekly.

blog beginner      3.  Blog Photos: Photos are something which tells more than your words. So, post descriptive and high resolution photos and related to your content.

      4. Social Media : The best way to spread your words is social media. You can always use Facebook, Instagram, interest and other social media to enhance the beauty of your blog. While using Instagram, make sure you use proper and relevant hashtags. Don’t irritate audience with too much of hashtags.

Domain name blogging      5. Google Analytics: This tool will let you know about performance of your articles posted on blog. Google Analytics provides you tracking code which can be placed at every article so you can easily see how many visitors are looking at your blog, from which country traffic is directing to your blog and also you can check from where they are heading to your blog.

      6. Alt tag and Naming photos: Always alt tag your photo so google can easily crawl it. And while saving it from any source don’t forget to name it. The name should be relevant to the photo and the post you are using into.

      7. Forum and discussion Boards : It is something like going to a party to increase relationships. Participate in forum and discussion boards so more and more know about your blog. Never ask them to follow you as it irritates.

       8. Use Relevant Keywords : Use keywords which are relevant to you the article you are about to post. Let google crawl your keywords so whenever anyone searches that word it will be redirected to your blog and if the keywords was not relevant to the post then it may irritates the reader.

        9. Keep readers engaging: Keep your reader engaging. The more they spend time on your blog that would be beneficial for you. Write informative or interesting post.

I am sure you would have liked our Blog beginner guide. This Blog beginner guide will help you to create your own blog website and bring traffic to it.

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