Travel Diary – Jodhpur


                                        Bluecity Jodhpur

Jodhpur, the city famous of tourist is the city of second largest city of Rajasthan. Most popularly the city is renowned by the name of Bluecity. he reason being is 80% of the houses inside the city are painted blue and thus when viewed from height looks blue. Be with us to see – Bluecity Jodhpur – Travel Diary.

Not only this, Bluecity is also quite popular for hospitality. People here are quite interesting and takes full responsibilty to serve their guests. Jodhpurities are fond of food. Jodhpuri sweets, samosas, lassi are world famous.


Besides food, there are lot of attractions in Jodhpur like the narrow bazaar, shops which would definitely be the first choice of outsider. The fort, Meharangarh fort is amongst the oldest fort ans is maintained till today like anything. The cannon there and the view of the city from there is wordless.

Mehrangarh fort

I have been to Jodhpur quite a times and every time it seems i could have stayed more days. The city is full of joy and people there are full of entertainment. The tradition followed in Jodhpur in one the thing appraised by the other cities also. The way the city celebrates each festival, the feeling of togetherness, the feeling of family and the relation can be seen amongst Jodhpurities.


The one hidden secret i saw in Jodhpur was the stone mining, The beautful and white/yellow sandstone. Jodhpurities have lovely house made of these sandstones. Umaid Bhawan Palace which is recently awarded as best Tourist award is one of the example of these sandstone. People living here is mainly based on mines and they supply these stones all over the world.

Umaid Bhawan Place

Mehrangarh Fort, One of the oldest fort. This was awesome. The view of the city from top of the look added a wow factor to our travel. We also enjoyed folk dances there, people sing and dance there to make tourist feel entertaining. Isn’t it so cool?

meharangarh fort

At Mehrangarh fort, one can also see folk dance and people singing all around. This is one of the famous folk. I loved it.


Trip to Jodhpur was one of my best trip i have ever made.

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