Home Remedies to Remove Unwanted Hair


                                     Remove Unwanted Hair Naturally

Everyone thinks of clear and soft skin. People are searching on net to get the tips for softer and clearer skin. These days you can get many hair removal creams or gel or machines in the market which can get you soft skin. Be aware of relying on every product in the market for hair removal. As these may put you in trouble like – Skin infection, Hard growth, allergy. Here are some Hair removal remedies which can help you to get smoother skin naturally. Why not then go for kitchen tips to remove unwanted hair. Gradually you will see decrease in hair growth and by the time your skin would be shinier and become healthier.

Raw papaya: Papain is the magical and active enzyme in the raw fruit which breaks down the hair follicles. It stops hair growth and helps to get you clear skin.  Not only this it also works as a natural exfoliate which helps in removing dead skin.

Hair removal

Turmeric: Turmeric, well known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties can also help to prevent hair growth. Use a teaspoon of turmeric with water or milk and apply on the required area. Keep it for 15mins and rinse off.

Potato mixed powdered lentil: Powered Yellow lentil can be one of the best remedy for hair removal when mixed with potato juice. It also lightens the hair colour and gives you softer skin.


Lemon-Sugar-Honey: Sugar and lemon, the combination of both can be used as scrub. This mixture when mixed with honey becomes wax and helps in removing unwanted hair.

Honey hair removal

Egg White: Egg white can also be used to remove unwanted hair.

Chickpea flour: Chickpea has magical property to remove hair naturally and it is used from ages. This flour when mixed with milk and turmeric gives you magical results. Apply the paste for 20mins and rub off.

remove unwanted hair

Banana-Oatmeal: Oatmeal is generally used to exfoliate skin it when mixed with banana helps in removing unwanted hair. Banana helps to make your skin softer.

Sugar-Molasses: Sugar when mixed with molasses become wax and can be used to remove unwanted hair.

Alum-Rosewater: This is amongst the oldest method to remove hair naturally.

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