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Strong Impact of Social Media in our Society

We all know that social media is a website, an application or a platform that enable the end user to create and share content or participate in social networking. In our society today, social media are very heartily embarrassed. All businesses have at least one or two social media accounts. Not forgetting most individuals spend most of their time commenting or posting social posts, reading the online buzzing news and other information posted on social media sites. However, we have to look at the significant and important real impacts in our society.

Impacts on Political Platform

Some of the popular social media sites used by the politicians are Facebook and Twitter. These sites allow politicians to have direct contact with their supporters. Bridging the traditional gap where politicians used to pay for television and Radio so as to communicate with their voters. And by the way, they also get the feedback of their supporters directly. Though everything that has a positive side, most commonly must have a negative side too. These social sites have brought controversy. Where the office or public-relations professionals that often manage a candidate image’s, allows a politician to send out unfiltered tweets or posts that later land him or her in an embarrassing situation.

Social media
Social Media

Impacts In Business World

Here you can name all the social platforms that you can think of. Starting with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin and even Pinterest. They represent endless and enormous opportunities for businesses to grab the attention and recognition of customers while simultaneously creating a brand image. There are huge ways that businesses can employ to achieve this like through the creation of brand profiles on social networks like Facebook Fan Pages. Also, by creative advertising through podcasts and applications which are commonly known as apps.


Effects on Socialization

In this generation social media is everywhere. At the end of each day in one way or the other you have to be impacted by the social media either through news, posts or even comments from other users. It gives people a big chance to reconnect with their long-lost friends and acquaintances, make new friends, exchange ideas, share content and pictures, and many other activities. Professionals most of them use LinkedIn as their social media platform to enhance their career and business prospects. You can also go an extra mile to learn about different cultures and traditions by connecting with people from other countries.

In Religion

It is so clear that religiously themed app are growing tremendously. These apps are available for most of the religious groups you can think of for example the Holy Bible App. There has also been a Facebook Fan page of Social Prayer. Examples of such pages are used to share content that inspires members of the group interact with one another religiously.

The end user has all the power to use the social media positively. You are the only one that can decide to use it to better our society today. So, it is up to you to use social sites wisely to improve and enhance your profession and social life.

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