Travel for fun, Travel for yourself


                                             Why you Should Travel

Knowing all the financial challenges that travelling come with, from plane tickets to hotels that you lodge and even the meals that you take. There is an advantage of the emotional value that is added to someone that comes from investing your time in traveling. The emotional value in the sense of strengthening the bond of friendship and family, which even continues years after a trip is over. Here are the powerful reasons why you should travel:

travel for fun

Minimizes Stress

There are endless sources of anxiety, especially from workplaces and tension that comes from families. Travelling gives you a moment to relax and breath in. It gives us a break from our fast-paced daily lives. Somebody may claim that traveling has stress too, which is true. But travel stress is positive stress, which makes you learn and know more.

Recollection of events in your Mind

For example, if I were to ask you randomly about the most memorable experience- what stories would come to your mind? Which scenarios are most significant in your life? Most probably it is the traveling you did, the awesome new people you met, the extraordinary experience that you came across that you least expected. When we travel with our dear ones that are friends and families we create memories that last a lifetime.


Repossess Your Enthusiasm for Work Life

There are times relaxing at home during holidays or weekends, it’s not the best option to unwind. Travelling gives you a space to refresh and revitalizing. It helps you to recharge your dead batteries and better handle the stress and the challenging moments at work. After a break, you feel more energized and rekindled once again. You feel alive to return to work. The absence of these breaks may cause you to suffer work burn out.

Sharpens and Brighten Your Mind.

Being in a totally new environment makes the whole lots of difference. This is because you are supposed to navigate unfamiliar places, read foreign languages, learn new cultures and traditions, change your eating and sleeping habits and so many stuffs. To be able to capture this a dormant part of your brain is used. Therefore, when you return from your trip, you learn that you are better and more organized than before.


Traveling you a Feeling of Compassion for Global Sufferings

The fact is sitting down and watching wars and famine in the news can’t be compared when you have a one on one with the affected people.It makes you learn how much you have and not to take it for granted. Many people live in profound and incapable poverty. You lose the pride and attitude that develops when you don’t relate to such people. And instead, it compels you to help others and give back to the society and the whole world as a whole.

Travelling is very vital to our lives. Because it completely transforms us. It helps us to take a break from our daily lives and reflect what our main purpose is. It is the time we get to release unwanted habits from our lives. It is the big time to became a change that you have desired to see in this whole world.