Who Says – Winning an online Contest is not easy?


Miracle happens. You never know what has been planned for you and at what point you will get a surprise. A same thing happened with me also when I was flying to London, UK to meet my cousin. He was blessed with baby boy and I was travelling to see my sister in law with lots of blessings from India. I was waiting for my flight at airport and it was morning 4 and it delayed by 3 hours. Suddenly a good personality boy came and sits nearby. I did not bother to say hello or start any conversation. Half hour past and slowly he said – Do you want any tea or coffee as I am going to take one for me. If you don’t mind I will bring one for you also. I smiled to give my consent. Then with a cup of tea we started introducing ourselves. It was so shocking and interesting to know about him and his work.

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With his discussion I came to know he is also flying in same flight to the UK. The purpose of his travelling was though different which should be. He was invited by his client who is most popular model of the UK and she was participated in a contest few months back. This person (sorry, I cannot mention his name here, lets name him a ‘A’). ‘A’ worked for her and made her win the contest and from this contest she earned 15000GBP which is handsome amount. Isnt it? So many questions aroused in my mind. What’s ‘A’ relation with that model? How ‘A’ made her win that much amount? What ‘A’ works for? I asked him with curiosity. He gently replied – It was a long back story when I was doing my post-graduation. I always wanted to support my family in monetary terms but nothing is working for me. I was very depressed and felling lonely. One day on discussion with my friend I came to know about Online contest. That made me bit curious to know more about it, how it works? How one can earn from taking part in online contest blah blah…. So, I started searching on internet and gathered as much as information I can. It was such a shocking to know that these online contest. And I started my journey 7 years back. This was totally opposite of what I thought for.

That day my friend was not talking about taking part in online contest but he was telling us about giving our services to make our client winning. And all things now clicked to my mind. I am now more clear and understood all the things.

So, Now Mr A introduction started – “We are service provider of online contest Votes. These votes help people, model, Actor or even normal people to win the contest. Not only these – We also provide Instagram followers, Faceboook likes, Pinterest and Twitter followers, Website development Suggesting Facebook friends and many more. The list is unlimited. You can see us at – http://www.getcontestvotesonline.com/ .

I interrupted in between – then why are you travelling to the UK, I mean who is calling you there, what you did?

He continued smiled and starred – I have not done anything dear. I just made her win the contest. She was a participant of very big contest and requested for votes. And I worked for her and she won. So, she has invited me to celebrate her success.

I again interrupted – How do you vote? Tell me more about work – He said – Whenever any participant come to us we just ask for the contest URL so we can see how much an average votes do they require to win the contest. So, it is pretty much simple – Click on – http://www.getcontestvotesonline.com/ , either direct email us or click contact us and fill the form and we contact within 24 hours. Share your details and we will start working.

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Regarding votes – We work 24 X 7. We do quality votes. All of the votes are done manually, no bot, no software. We work on shifts – day and night. As we the urge of winning so we train our employees accordingly to deliver as fast as we can.

This discussion was really informative to me and I was very amazed to see the work they were doing. These guys are really amazing. Online contest has made changed life of many.

Now, I came to know why these contest frequency has increased to this extent. People are enjoying participating and winning the prizes.

The time passed and we got an announcement for our flight. I was very thankful for that guy to give me a new way to learn and work.

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