Earn more than 1000USD from blogging


                                                     Blogging Journey

It was never easy for me to start my own blog and I have never thought of earning this much by simply sharing my views. The journey was quite tough when I was married and asked to quit the job. I was really not ready and have no experience of blogging.

I was not allowed to go outside for money. I was so frustrated from this step. The world seems to be too depressing. Sitting all the day at home has made my life. I caught with depression, sleepless nights, and negative vibes. My husband had quite a times discussion with my in-laws regarding my job but nothing happened.

Blogging for business maniona

One day my husband came from office and called me in room. He said – Do you really want to do something? Hearing that statement made me shocked – I just give my positive sign by nodding my head. He then shared me the ideal of Blog. I was quite excited to hear more about it as I was not aware much of this word “ Blog “ . He started then again – It is not like that if you go out then only you can learn and earn. You can even do better than your job and earn quite a lot. Start Blogging!!

What does this word means? I whispered. Share your ideas; Share your views and share your knowledge is simply blogging. In starting it would definitely be going to time so it will also teach you to be more patience and more motivated. If you learn these two words then you would be the master of blogging one day. Keep on posting your ideas and slowly it will attract more readers to your website. Keep them engaging; the more they engage to your website, the more you would be paid. But I did not understand how engaging someone can make me pay. Who would be paying me? Lots of question was scratching in my head. I was very curious to know more. I now wanted to know all of the things regarding blogging. Tell me more – I asked curiously.

Blogging Tips

He continued – Start step by step. First think – What niche you want to select. Where is your interest? What do you like – Movies, Technology, Games, Selling online, Virtual Assistant, Youtube, Travel and any other. Select your niche. Then think a name then can suit your niche. Book a domain. There are many website which provide hosting and you can take a space and launch your website.

Like godaddy is the one that can help you to check whether the domain is available and then it also provide you hosting. Once it is done. You can choose the platform like wordpress is the most reliable and trending which provide many themes and you can easily create your own website from it. So here we go. You are now ready to start with. Put as much as interesting content you can on to your website now so it will bring more customer searching you on google or social sites.

earn 1000usd blogging

Keep your blog fresh. Post everytime new things, everytime interesting things. I was so mesmerised with hearing all this and then he suddenly interrupted. The journey is not easy and has not ended here. You have to bring your content in searches. How would you? And it is not like if you post today and you will be in limelight by tomorrow and day after. You have to be patent. It may take a quarter or half year or may be a year. Be Calm and continue writing. Read other blogs. Learn from them and implement on yours.


Now, I was almost ready to start my blog. Yes, yes , My own Blog. It took me a week to book domain and get ready my wordpress website. Then I started writing and posting my blogs. In starting the number of views and visitors were zero. Sometimes I became very disappointed of not getting any result. So, I started watching and learning from other bloggers. I saw bloggers are not only limited to topics, informative but they also share their personal views, their struggle, their learning. I also started doing the same and you won’t believe I saw visitor started coming to my website but the number was still low. What I was missing? So, I started working on my content part. I started adding more stories, more tips and tricks of earning, more secrets of selling online and not only this to bring my blogging website into google search I started taking part in forum and discussion boards.

Again I saw my website started coming in search on google but after 5 or 6 page but it was a positive sign. I keep on posted content and increased the number of posting. Forum and discussion boards, Yahoo answers, Quora and few more I took part in and they gave good results.Earn 1000USD blogging

The number of visitors now increased to 500 a day. I am quite happy but the journey is still going to be tough. I was worried as I haven’t started earning anything yet. I discussed with my husband again – I have now visitors but still no money. He shared few things with me saying – you need to put ads on your website, apply google adsense, apply for affiliate, CPA, CPC and many more things which I will share later.

I started with Google adsense and affiliate. No results for few weeks and suddenly then started with 2USD. Ha ha ha…. these 2USD roll out in form of tears into my eyes. A year passed I keep on doing the same things and inculcating the new things to keep my blog always fresh and running.

I make my online presence from social sites – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram. This is my journey of earning 1000USD per month and I know this amount will definitely increase with the time.

This is my journey from zero to 1000USD from Blogging. If you are also thinking to earn from home then it’s not late yet. Start today only and earn.

Cheers! Maniona