Rakhsha Bandhan 2016


Rakhsha Bandhan, Rakhi – Festival of Brother and Sister is falling on 18th August 2016. Rakhi, the festival of love, emotions, fights, love and most important the festival of love is celebrating all across the India from ages. Not only Hindus, but it is also popular amongst various other religions.

Wild, spooky, freaky, mysterious wicked…….witty, wonderful, one of kind hearted brothers!
Irritating, annoying, aggravating, exasperating…….dopey, delightful darling dear sisters!
What can be done to them……. and what else we can do without them?
Celebrating the special bond of love, emotions between brothers and sisters is the Hindu festival of Raksha bandhan. On a full moon day in the month of August, sisters tie thread amulets or bracelets on the wrist of their brothers praying for their longevity and happiness. Brothers, in turn are bound by the delicate threads to embrace, adore and safeguard their lovely sisters. The colourful thread tied on their wrist symbolise a deep abiding relationship — loving, tender, devoted, protective and indulgent.
Significance of this very special festival is to strengthen the bond between the brother and sister. Also, the motive of celebrating this festival is to bind the member of family and to tie them in knot of love and affection.
On the festival morning, sisters get up early in the morning and get ready. Pray to lord Ganesha about their family and brother and then tie colourful bracelets to wrist of their brothers with exchange of sweets. Brothers in return give gifts to their sisters. Siblings who are away and not able to meet to their brother on this day also send their greetings via post.
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