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                                                    eBay Best match works-

eBay, one of the biggest yard sale of the world has become the first choice of retailers to sell their items. Whether it’s old inventory, refurbished or new, eBay is great platform to sell all your stuff.

Since everyone urge is to sell their items on eBay and getting your item in best match is again a typical task but don’t worry we have bring ninja level techniques for you. You can easily get your items in searches with help of these easy tips: Here we go –

  1. Keywords Search –

The default search of eBay works on basis of keywords used in title but it also provide facility to run search based on keywords present in item description as well. Buyer/User just have to check a checkbox with field “Search item description”. This search works on the basis of keywords used wherever in description of listings.

For example : If you are looking for a pair of Cushion Cover with block print and fabric as cotton then it is unlikely the seller would have added in detail fabric as Cotton and Print as Block Print. This will bring your item in search and that too at the top of best match.

To enable item description, check the box that says “Include description” under the blue “Search” button at the top-right of screen.

Thousands of sellers are listing their inventory on eBay by writing detailed descriptions, taking fine quality product pictures, creating listings… so far its good from seller point of view But when you list your inventory with loads of efforts and  you suddenly realise that they get lost in thousands of pages of search results. You get lost finding this. This will definitely be depending on the competition in your niche as sometimes you can be on the first page without doing any special additional work BUT in most cases, you’ll be competing against thousands of listings, all of these with selling similar products.

Many eBay sellers dream to be on top of the search results. Get your dream live now by following the below simple steps –

It was too easy to bring your listings in search earlier but as the competition has increased and so the best match has also came. Not only this, Cassini search engine and Top Rated sellers, DSR has also impacted the search result. All it need to come in search in the lowest price, nothing else.

Nowadays, eBay search result has changed. There are several other factors as well besides the price point which plays equal role in bringing your listings in search. eBay default search is based on Best match not as lowest price or anything else. So, to make your listings appear in search you have to follow Best Match’s guidelines. You can easily rank your listing by following these guidelines.

So what are those factors of Best Match which takes into account when ranking listings for search results

eBay Listing Type

Listing type is very important factor for your listing to come in best match results. For listings Best Match takes into account standards of seller performance, search impressions & sell-through rate, recent sales number, listing title with appropriate keywords, price and whether free shipping (which provides extra weightage). Additionally, TRS status is also important as well as whether you offer Premium Service for all of your listing.

For Auction style listings – Mostly the same factors as above but it is WITHOUT the sales history (as Auction runs for one 1 item at a time). In Auction type, the listing end time is is very important. Listings ending sooner featured higher in search results so end your listings everyday with gap of 15-20mins to keep your listings always at the top.

You don’t have to be depth study to figure this out though. You can easily find it by quick search on eBay for any item and the listings with some common qualities will appear like:

Most first page listings would be from Top Rated Sellers of eBay;

Most first page listings would be offering FREE shipping and few also with Premium Service;

Most first page listings would have sales history with GTC SKUs;

Most first page listings would have the BEST or the lowest price for that particular item;

So, finally after knowing all of this useful information, what will you do?

Do you still want to keep dreaming about appearing your listings on the first page on own OR do you really want to take action by simply following eBay’s guidelines so that your listings mark all of the boxes to be featured at the top of search results of eBay?

Not sure about your choice but I’d rather choose the second option for myself and really WORK towards ranking my listings as high as possible.

eBay Best match

First things first:

If you are still not a Top rated seller yet, become one! It is not that much tough, you are thinking off. You can easily become a TRS within 2 months by following our simple guidelines.

It is just a one time job which can easily be done if you want to achieve fair results on eBay. All you have to do is to follow my guidelines mentioned below-

Now, once you have achieved TRS status, you can start working on serious note, money making listings – get them ranked in eBay search result and start making money.

Best match lgo

Create listing that sells, Write Title with description that can match and appear on top of Best Match. Do not over flooded keywords in title or description. Only 2-3 would be enough. Do not write – Wow! Good! Beautiful! Such words in title as no one are going to search in this way. These words would just be using your space.

The most important thing apart from TRS status in Best Match is your selling history. The more sales you get from your listings, the higher you’ll rank in search results of eBay. This will increase your conversion rates as people will buy MORE. When they see that many other people have already bought that item, they will show interest and purchase your listings as well. (based on human crowd/mass psychology).

But how will you achieve the target of getting “hundreds of sales” in the first time?

It will take some time, big patience and off-course some investment. But the formula is very simple to work with –Not only you but most of the big sellers on eBay use this very same formula:

Step 1 – Create a Good ’Til Cancelled listing (For this there is a criteria, you’ll have to subscribe a shop to be able to list products under GTC) and set a very low price in the beginning. Your price should be lower than market’s average price so you will get more exposure and good sales.

Step 2 – Once you start getting good sales, gradually increase the price until you reach your set target price point but with minimum margin, Don’t rise too high.

That’s it! Really, Easy and fast! This is what most sellers do and it works. Do this at your listings as well to see how it works.

Let’s use here a real example which can help you better understand how it all works:

1) You list a cushion cover in a GTC listing for £1.95 (average selling price is £5)

2) After the first 6 sales are in, you increase the price to £2.95

3) After another 6 sales you increase the price to £5.95

…and so on until you reach £7-8 based on your target price is.

Based on the product you are selling and the competition of your niche, you can also offer free shipping and premium service to your customers. The good and the easiest way to check this is by simply doing a quick search on eBay for the product you are planning to sell. Now check the first page of results – Are the most sellers offer free shipping or what special are they doing so their listings are coming at the top of search? If they are offering free shipping, then you’ll have to do the same to compete with them. This strategy will surely work if you have a good number of stocks or can top-up your inventory everytime whenever needed. Depending on the product your dealing and competition of your niche, it can take away anywhere from 10 to 1000+ sales to reach the no.1 position in search results of eBay

Be sure that you also have to lose money in the beginning to set your position– this is basically your cost to reach up high in search results which will then result in increased profits the end.

Another easy and quick way to boost your sales history is to use my Auctions to BIN strategy. This concept works because auctions are set as featured higher in search results right before they expire that means ending soon Auction appear at the top of auctions.

eBay algo

Remember, as per eBay guidelines you can have up to 14 auctions running simultaneously for the same product – use this as advantage to your listings and get massive exposure to your Goods till cancelled listing which will help you build up your sales history much faster and in quick way.

Mix & Magic!

Really, it is as simple as that. There are no magic ingredients – if you simply follow the stated system you’ll surely rank on the first page and stand out from your competition.

Be realistic while listing your item – there are few niches on eBay with HUGE competition (like mobile phone and phone cases) where it’s almost next to impossible to get on the first page of results without spending lot and even then you have to sell for very small profits. Just don’t try to deal with items like these, else your listings would be nowhere and there is no point in juggling up with these big fishes.

IMPORTANT NOTE! When you are following this strategy and have reached to a good position in the search results as mentioned, DON’T let your stock run out or don’t ever try cancel your listings. If you do so or you bound to do as then all your efforts and hard work for that listing is gone and now you have to start all over again.

If you find that sooner you’re going to face out of stock situation and new stock is delayed for any reason, then INCREASE the price for your item to a extent that no one even think to buy it from you or Customer can easily see that it does not worth of it. Once you get your new stock in, lower down the price back to normal or lower at once and continue selling.

Don’t keep high price period too long as it will hamper your selling history, views and sell-through rate of your listings will all decrease and this will lower your search rankings.

Ever you noticed that the listings which are showing thousands of sales are live and running for many month, few were live even for years. This is the key to success but be patience as this will take time sometimes even few months as well. Once you get good position and ranked highly with good sales history then it is pretty stable position to maintain. You would be stayed at position one of first page if your items are selling continuously.


To sum up all of the above shared points, here’s what you have to do to achieve a 1st page search ranking on eBay:

1) Do whatever you can do to become a Top Rated Seller

2) Offer a great product, at a great deal via listing full of keyword;

3) Use the Goods till cancelled listing format to create history of product;

4) Start with a lowest price (that’s should be below the market’s average);

5) Don’t get your prices increase in on shot rather Increase the price gradually once you start getting sales in;

6) Use the Auction to BIN strategy to get extra clicks, impressions, views and sales to your GTC listings;

7) Ensure you don’t run out of stock, if there is chance of happening this then use the formula shared above.

8) Be patient and play safe– this is a long term game!

Not only these but your seller performance indicators DSR, cases opened against you, positive or negative feedback is also all important of course, but these are all really a default requirement to earn profit and run business on eBay.

It all require is just hard work and patience.

Don’t try to sell your products extreme low just to be at the top of the listing page of eBay as after all it doesn’t make financial sense for you to go at that level of lowering price, so don’t do it. Profit is what we’re after at the end of the day, so you should be smart enough! You can even get 5th or 7th place on page which is also a good achievement. Just get this through great TITLE and GALLERY IMAGE and attract a lot of views and make tons of sales!

The above post will guide you –  how eBay Best Match works, What is eBay Best match Algorithm, Increase eBay sales,

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