Pokemon Go Game


                   Pokemon Go – the most downloaded of the month/year?

According to Apple, the app-based game Pokemon Go has broken down all the records as it has already crossed the mark of 50,000 downloads in its first week. The app-based game was only available for download in particular countries at the time. The Pokemon Go game has attracted more downloads in its first week after launch than any other app on the Apple’s app store.

Initially, the game was launched in countries like New Zealand, Australia, and the U.S. and the app were released for downloading via the app store. Several reports also claim that this game has already crossed millions of installation on Android phones. As initially the app wasn’t available for download on the Google’s Play Store people somehow managed to side load the app to their Android devices.

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Recently such sideloaded apps have been blacklisted from the servers of the game and the users currently facing ‘server errors’ preventing them from playing the game. Pokemon Go app made its entry to the app-based world after almost eight years when the original game was launched. It is to be noted that the craze for the game in people haven’t reduced a bit in the last eight years.

Sideways several developers who made fake versions of the app somehow tried to reach tens of thousands of their app downloads. As the craze for this app is immense people are getting desperate to enjoy the game on their mobile devices. And this is the only reason for such fake apps.

These fake apps are supported by ads, can even release some malware which not only lets you play the original game but also steals user’s personal data. These fake Pokemon go apps are available on both app store and google play store.

As per the reports, some of the unofficial versions of the app have now hit the mark of more than 70,000 downloads via Google play store. Android and iPhone users are therefore requested not to download such fake versions of the game, as they might get into trouble. The only reason behind the popularity of the unofficial versions of the game is that the original Pokemon Go is not yet made available to users of every country. Rolling the game for users of all the countries might still take some time, according to some tech blogs.

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Several security companies like ESET recently discovered that some of these unofficial builds of Pokemon Go freezes or locks the phone and make it visit several porn sites in the background. People who’ve downloaded the fake Pokemon go apps have been facing issues like, app freezing and phone unresponsiveness, which makes them annoyed and they have to restart their device.

Users with unofficial Pokemon go apps on their devices are advised to uninstall the app immediately. You can also log into your Android phone in ‘safe mode’ and uninstall the fake application if your phone is freezing a lot.