Prisma – Free Photo Editor


                 Prisma: The app which turns your Photograph into an artwork.

The cool new app called Prisma is developed by a Russian Developer. This app uses a neutral network and artificial intelligence to make your photograph into a well-designed piece of art in a couple of seconds. There have been many photo-editing and retouching apps released over a couple of years having their features, but it stands out from the competition.

Users can select any pre-existing photograph from the gallery of their device or can click a new picture using their camera. It has over 33 filters which can be utilized and applied to the photographs, and the transformation is flawless, you’ll get a great piece of art out of your photograph within seconds.


Prisma have several filters to choose from such as Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh, Munch, Levitan, and Kandinsky; it also has attractive patterns and comic book like illustrated image styles too. Rather than putting a filter over a picture, Prisma processes each and every image on an individual level and applies the filter and produces a whole new look. This image can be used directly on the social media platforms like facebook, twitter, and snap chat or the user also have the option to save the generated picture to the gallery.

According to the data obtained from the Apple’s App Store, Prisma when was launched till now have been ranked at fifth position in the most popular app on the App Store. Until yesterday Prisma wasn’t officially available for Android users.

Prisma for Android until yesterday when it made its debut on the Google play store was available in beta version for the download, and only beta testers were given privileges for the download. People, however, have side loaded the Prisma app from several sources available online.

Prisma app

Unlike other applications which process the image locally and apply filters and effects Prisma uploads the image to its servers in Russia and the image is them processed and sent back to your device. According to the CEO and co-founder of the Prisma App, Alexey Moiseenkov, the app uses three different servers which handle three different processes. The first server processes the image upload, extracting the art style and its application is managed by the second and the third servers.

“We’re not just overlaying the image filter like from the Instagram app. We create the photo from scratch. So initially, there is no photo, we take your picture, and our servers performs several functions from analyzing the image and its processing to the delivery of the artistic image to your device,” he said.

Moiseenkov said soon Prisma will come with the video clip support, where the users can capture their video or can select any pre-existing video from the gallery and our servers will process each of its frames so that the result will look like an animated artistic scene.

The Prisma app is so popular that sometimes when a lot of users are using the app, the app tends to stop due to high traffic on their servers. It’s likely that Prisma now needs to be moved to some powerful servers to handle such gigantic traffics.