Increase Blog Visitors on your Blogging Website


                                10 Ideas to Increase Blog Visitors on your website

            Most of the bloggers nowadays start a blog for earning money. This is because blogging is considered to be a very easy job. People think that starting a new blog will make them earn tens of thousands of dollars overnight. But this is all rubbish. The most important thing about blogging apart from creating an excellent content is to maintain a quantifiable traffic of audience. There are several ways by which you can increase blog visitors, traffic and direct them to your blog. In this article, I will share few important tips where you can increase blog visitors on your website. Here are our top 10 ideas which can help you to increase blog visitors –

increase Blog visitors

Keep in mind; a blogger needs to have a command over the content as well as must know how to increase the traffic of his blog. Here are some ten tips for increasing traffic on your new blog.

  1. Content should be evergreen

There are several definitions available by which several tech geeks describe the word ‘evergreen’. But honestly, evergreen content represents the posts with long term topics and are generating a decent amount of traffic for several years. So the choice of the subject must be unique also depending on the SERP’s.

  1. Promotion of the content

Besides the fact that evergreen posts will always get you more traffic, but the promotion of your posts also have equal importance in increasing the traffic to your new blog. No matter how great your content is, until the time it is not made available to the audience, it is of no use. And for that, every blogger must promote their blog. You can use HootSuite to automate the promotion.

  1. Guest blogging

Find opportunities of posting on high authority blogs which will redirect some of the traffic from that blog to your blog. Be cautious and never indulge yourself in making spam links.

  1. Role of Alexa

Performing the analysis of your blog via Alexa will always open several options for you to increase the traffic on your blog. Search for your blog domain in Alexa and there you’ll be shown with ‘Top keywords which redirect traffic to your blog’. The next is pretty simple, create some content based on those keywords.

  1. Long Tail Vs Short keywords

The thumb rule says, the more extended the keywords, the lesser will be the competition for that particular keyword, and therefore there are more chances for you to build a significant traffic. Prefer using keywords with more than 3-4 words.

increase Blog visitors

  1. Role of Quora

You can always find some of the questions which match the theme of your blog on Quora and can post the link to your blog with a relevant answer. This will force the audience to give your blog a visit.

  1. Social Media

It involves promotion of your blog through social media channels and thereby generating some traffic.

  1. Emailing list

Every blog must have an emailing list. Build your subscriber’s list and as a reward send them free copies of some ebook or a coupon. Traffic from the email list is huge.

  1. Social Bookmarking

You cal always bookmark you blog on blogging communities and other communities related to your taste and niche.

  1. Stealing someone else’s audience

Personally, I feel this is some wrong way of getting traffic, but some people still prefer it. Rather you can learn from your competitors and build your strategies accordingly.

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