Celebrate Christmas 2016


                                                Celebrate Christmas 2016

The most likely times of the year for both adults and children are the holiday times. One of these holidays is Christmas and at this period, we have the opportunity to let our creativity free and express ourselves by creating wonderful decorations. During Christmas we trim the trees, hang the lights and so many other decorating ideas that come to our minds then.

Although there are many ways to decorate your home during Christmas, we have some marvellous ideas that can help you use breathtaking Christmas decorations that will create a unique personality for your home.

  • The do-it-yourself advent calendars

The catholic practice of lighting a candle every night starting from December 1st till the 25th is what is called ‘advent.’ This countdown to Christmas is done in various ways using any method a family chooses mostly related to their traditions.

You can decide to use small gift handbags labelled with each day of the month and share it out to family members, or you can gather a merry candle display in colours that pronounce the season of Christmas, the advent calendar is a way to make Christmas very special for your family.

Celebrate Christmas

  • Dining for Christmas

Eye-catching deco’s are the best type of decorations to use as they are very functional. Handmade Christmas ornaments are very easy to craft and beautify the dining room which makes it appropriate to create a festive air for every meal.

Using a simple wreath that is made of twigs and ruby red berries that are decorative gives a cosy touch to any table you set for holding your thick vanilla or holiday-scented candle. You can perfect it by dressing up go-to plates with pretty holiday napkins.

  • Floral Arrangements that Suggests Festivity

The new life that flowers bring into your home is wonderful and the holidays breathe a vibrant colour palette and beautiful scents that bring every space in the home to live. The simplicity of Christmas marvellous and so using just the earth’s natural tones is the greatest idea.

Celebrate Christmas

A small pine tree can be decorated using Christmas trinkets and ribbons and then placed on the porch. You can decide to go for fresh evergreens and moss paired with thick-petaled flowers like anemones and peonies and use for decorating Christmas birds.

  • Makeover Your Kitchen for Christmas

As we all know, food and holidays are on par with each other so when you are decorating your home for Christmas, make sure not to forget your Christmas. There is no need for a big budget to be able to transform your kitchen into that perfect winter retreat.

You can use Christmas-themed kitchen clothing to replace your dish towels and oven mitts. Rich evergreen garland that is decorated with red bows and twinkling lights can be overlain on top of cabinets; it can also be wrapped around the kitchen giving it that cosy cabin atmosphere.

You can draw or print ad cut red or white snowflakes that will perfectly match the cupboard doors.