Human Editing removed from Facebook


Facebook – reason behind removing human editing in trending topics

Facebook’s trending news topics often seem like the robots have written them. Do not be confused because it has been announced that facebook will be removing the human editors from writing the headline and content of the trending News.

Many of the people think that this has been done to give the trending news on facebook a sidebar just like the trends that we notice on twitter. Thus, when you put your cursor on the news section you will see the option of the stories that have reached the top trending news in the facebook.

Now what most of the people are wondering is that why the owners of facebook have taken such a bold step. Therefore, here are some of the reasons:


They wanted the trending topics to be simplified so that it will be easier for the public to understand them. Not only that when written by the robots there will be no headlines and the visitor will get what they are looking for instead of the human written extra stories. The trending news will be to the point and thus it will be easier for the people to search the topic effectively.

Including and blacklisting the topics

The facebook officials had to train a team that was instructed on how to add new trending stories and remove the old one. However, now with the robots, that process will not happen. They will only command the robot and the task will be done. Therefore, the reason behind it is to save time and provide people with more quality. Not only that, it will also help them save money that they had to spend on paying a large team of editors.

This will also help them to post only that trending news that is related to and displays the real world events.

Editorial authority

As facebook only relies on the top 10 news sources to check that if a news is worthy of the editorial authority or not. When a story is marked it is first checked among the top 3 ranking stories on all the famous sites like BBC NEWS, New York Times and much more. If the story is found in most of these sites then it is given the trending rank on facebook.

Accomplishing such task was very lengthy when done by the humans because their response system is not that fast. However, with robots, the results were given in seconds and it was easier to post a trending topic regularly.

Strict guidelines

Facebook has included strict guidelines while involving the trending news stories. This will give appropriate information to the newsmaker. Thus, it will be easier for it to determine that which page for the news is perfect and prominent.

Do not take this news to heart because facebook is still going to have a team of specially trained people to overlook all the trending news system. So if you had a dream of becoming an editor at facebook do not lose your heart just yet.


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